Youths In Development Boot Camps and Fellowship


A unique professional development opportunity for young Nigerian social change-makers

The Sozo Networks, sponsored by the United States Embassy is happy to provide outstanding young Nigerians with a unique professional development opportunity through the Youths in Development Boot Camps and Fellowship program. Annually, we provide 200 outstanding young leaders with the knowledge, skills, and networks required to effectively lead sustainable community development initiatives through a 4-day non-residential boot camp, continuous support, mentorship, and pitching opportunities. We help the boot camp participants pass on the training to 2000 other young leaders in their communities, with 20 of them selected as Fellows to further enjoy exclusive mentoring and project development support. Click here to read 2019 boot camp report 


Generally, the 200 participants of the boot camps will hone their skills and acquire skills and knowledge from industry experts on how to lead sustainable social change through the 4-day boot camps. They will have access to the Sozo Networks’ strategic planning and leadership development toolkit. They will become a part of the Sozo Networks’ formidable network.

Based on exceptional performance during the boot camp, 20 participants will participate in a 3-month professional development experience where they will enjoy the following:

  1. Exclusive mentorship.
  2. Personal strategy sessions.
  3. Access to funding opportunities.
  4. Access to diaspora peer collaborators.
  5. Exclusive networking opportunities.
  6. Funds to implement community development project.


1. Be between the ages of 18-35 on or before the application deadline.

2. Be a Nigerian citizen.

3. Be proficient in reading, writing and speaking English.

4. Never attended a Fellowship program.

5. Will be available to attend a 4-day boot camp in Sokoto, Delta, Lagos or Abuja on the last week of August, 2019.


  • Applications will be reviewed as soon as they are received and will close on the 8th August 2019.  
  • Upon final reviews and verification, 200 participants will be long-listed to attend the 4-day boot camp in their preferred location.
  • 20 Fellows would be shortlisted during the boot camps for continued professional development experience and Mentorship.

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