Sozo Networks Hosts Victoria Ibiwoye, CEO OneAfrican Child

Stick to Your Calling; Covid-19 shouldn’t Stop You – CEO OneAfrican Child Saturday, 2nd May 2020 remains a remarkable day in the development journey of our 2019/2020 Youth in Development Fellows as they had an enriching engagement with the Chief Executive Officer of OneAfrican Child, Victoria Ibiwoye. The session, which took place on a Zoom platform, was coordinated by our Director, Dr. Segun Fatudimu. The Fellows, in their numbers, welcomed our speaker.  To the admiration of our guest who was so excited seeing the quality of our Fellows, everyone present took time to introduce themselves and what they currently do.

“Having a sense of mission that reaches beyond the present defines the final steps to individual and team significance. That means going beyond simply being the best, going so far that you leave footprints. – Pat Riley” This quote marked the commencement of her online session with our fellows. In her words, A leader’s role is not just to dream but to architect dreams into reality. After all the envisioning and motivational talk, leaders have to plant their feet on the ground and get to work, executing with precision. If dreaming requires optimism, audacity and empathy, bringing the dream to life requires a more concrete endeavour, demanding hard work, discipline, teamwork, communication and courage. She added that “A leader is somebody that is not intimidated by the success of others and people working with him/her.” 

The One African Child founder emphasized the need to persevere.  There is a need for someone in the Social Development Space to surround him/herself with those who will challenge him/her by their accomplishments and make them build courage and audacity, thereby focusing and accomplishing one’s goal. Answering questions about personal values, she said humility is a good value; it’s not lacking self-confidence but remembering where you come from.  She reiterated the need to let one’s focus be one’s focus. Everyone is doing health or education works in this Covid-19 period does not require you to derail from your calling. 

When asked about how the idea of her initiative was coined, she answered expressly and advised there is a need for us to carve a personal story around our fields and be intentional about it.  No matter your rise in your works, never stop learning. Winning is a process, not a destination. Advising those who have startups. It’s good you start small. It’s okay you don’t stay small.  Challenge yourself, look for new ways to be inspired and ensure you keep giving your 100%. For those in one organization now as partners, Victoria advised they keep giving their best and added that not everyone is called a founder or CEO.

Social Entrepreneurs Acquire Grant Application Skills at Sozo Mentorship Series

Social Entrepreneurs Acquire Grant Application Skills at Sozo Mentorship Series. The Sozo Networks Mentorship Series March 2020 Edition focused on the grant application for Tony Elumelu Foundation. It was an exciting, interactive and educative session as each of the participants was fully engaged by the guest speaker, Mr. Gbenga Ogunbowale from the beginning till the end.

They were free to express themselves, their opinion and questions as he talked expressly on the essentials of applying for Tony Elumelu Foundation grants and the stages involved and what each stage entailed. There was also a short presentation on leveraging on opportunities by Timileyin Awolola which encouraged participants to put into practice what they have learnt. Mr. Oluwaseyi Ale who brought the program to a wrap up talked about Sozo Networks and the activities of the organization.

One heartwarming experience that the participants would cherish for a long time was the opportunity to network after the program. They expressed gratitude for the opportunity and showed interest in volunteering for Sozo Networks. Meanwhile, it is worthy to note that the program recorded 23 participants which included the expected target audience and according to them, their expectations for the program were met.

For the participants, only time will tell when the skills and knowledge they have acquired begin to yield the results they hope to see as they forge ahead in life. Sozo Networks remains committed to democratizing youth opportunities.

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