Distance is NO Barrier to Development – Sozo Networks YID Fellow, Blessing Ashi Testifies

Chinese Philosopher, Lao Tzu said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. The Sozo Networks experience of Blessing Ashi began earlier in the year when she was selected as a Sozo Networks Youth In Development Fellow. Like many other Fellows, she says the journey has been great and affords her the opportunity […]


Sozo Networks Hosts Victoria Ibiwoye, CEO OneAfrican Child

Stick to Your Calling, Covid-19 shouldn’t Stop You – CEO OneAfrican Child Saturday, 2nd May, 2020 remains a remarkable day in the development journey of our 2019/2020 Youth in Development Fellows as they had an enriching engagement with Chief Executive Officer of OneAfrican Child, Victoria Ibiwoye. The session which took place on a Zoom platform […]


Some Steps to Follow in Building Value-Based Relationships

Part 4: BUILDING VALUE-BASED RELATIONSHIPS Some steps to follow in building value based relationships: Understand that perception is reality.  People often don’t have the luxury of time to understand your reality they tend to stick with perceptions. The way you look, the way you dress, what is on your social media page, how correct and […]


Balancing the use of Quantitative and Qualitative Insights in the development sector

The statement “Correlation is not always causation” has been used to summarize the misleading tendency of using quantitative analysis to find solutions or predict the future. The statement draws our attention to the fact that two situations that vary together, may not have any significant effect on each other, and the observed association may not […]