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Welcome to the beginning of an unforgettable journey into the social impact world. We want to guide and support you on your journey to changing the world. Join us to reflect, re-discover, re-conceptualize and design the future of your project at the Social Impact Strategy and accelerator Boot Camp.

Managing nonprofit organizations or a social enterprise in Nigeria to carry out a sustainable agenda of change requires more commitment and skills more than ever before.

This social impact strategy and accelerator program is an intensive and personalized program that empowers social entrepreneurs, nonprofit founders and their core teams with essential skills, insights, and tools needed to understand and navigate the social sector as well as develop critical strategies required to maximize impact, visibility, and income. At the end of this program, each start up can respond to the demands of accountability and develop more innovative, effective, and efficient start-up solutions for the pressing challenges facing our country. You will also learn how lead your team more effectively, get funding for your plans and improve your overall organizational performance.


Participants would participate in the following practical sessions
1. Need Analysis and Proof of Concept Development: This will take you
through re-evaluating the needs and problems you are working on and guiding you through data-based decision-making.
2. Design Thinking: Birth new ideas through empathy, defining, ideation and prototyping. Think, analyze and build through our fascinating design thinking session.
3. Strategic Planning: Create or re-examine your vision and mission, set
priorities, set fresh organizational growth and develop clear, achievable and sustainable objectives.
4. Programs Design and Management: A practical learning experience of
developing sustainable high-impact beneficiary-centred programs.
5. Grant Writing & Alternative Fundraising Strategies: Opportunities just
like birds fly around, but only those with the right information and skills can maximize them. You will learn practical principles of writing a winning grant and how to raise funds for personal or organizational projects.
6. Nonprofit Branding and Marketing: Sell out your programs and impact
stories by understanding how to build and market a compelling brand.
7. Organizational Leadership: Become more effective as a leader, learn how to develop and manage cross-functional teams and volunteers:
8. Monitoring and Evaluation: Get a foundational knowledge of needs and impact assessment and evaluation.

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