The SAFE (Securing Africa’s Future with Education) Academy for teenage leaders is an educational empowerment scheme. It aims to teach critical life and professional skills neglected in the Nigerian secondary education system’s day-to-day curriculum to teenagers. The program includes mentorship and non-formal education designed to develop essential leadership, entrepreneurship and technological skills for the 21st century. Through the generosity of our donors, we serve teenagers whose socio-economic backgrounds hinder their access to education and other critical opportunities such as this. We give special preferences to girls, orphans and teens living with disabilities. 

Our goal in 2022 is to empower hundred (300) teenagers with leadership, entrepreneurship and digital literacy skills.

In a batch of twenty-five for 6 weeks, two hundred teenagers will go through the SAFE Academy over the next year. The girls will learn self-awareness, social etiquette, emotional intelligence, leadership, design thinking, entrepreneurship and business writing, Microsoft Office, graphics design, digital marketing and web design. At the end of the year all the participants from all the cohorts will converge for the SAFE conference to learn and draw inspiration for exceptional social entrepreneurs, network with peers and pitch their entrepreneurship ideas for some small amounts of seed funding.

Why do we prioritize girls in our selection process?

0 %
of out-of-school children in Nigeria are female
Source: UNICEF
0 %
of Ibadan schools include leadership and entrepreneurship in their curriculum while 7% are equipped for digital learning
Source: Our preliminary survey in fifteen secondary schools (ten public schools and five private schools) in Ibadan, Nigeria
0 %
of graduate students of Engineering and Technology in Nigeria Universities are female
Source: National Bureau of Statistics of Nigeria
0 %
of professionals in sub-Saharan Africa are women in technology
Source: UNICEF


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SAFE Academy Alumni Spotlight – Ali Ajagbe

Alli Ajagbe is a 2017 Alumni of the Sozo Networks SAFE Academy. He is a Tech enthusiast passionate about finding spaces to utilize his tech skills for community development. He is keenly interested in Computer […]

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