Core Programs

The SAFE (Securing Africa’s Future through Education) programs are the flagship programs of the Sozo Networks, its aim is to bridge the gap in the nation’s education system by offering mentorship and unconventional education that allows teenagers to develop essential skills that are required for leadership in the 21st-century society and workspace. The programs fills the gap in the academic curriculum used by most schools in the Nigerian education system. It uses unconventional approaches to equip teenagers with leadership, life and employability skills required in future workspaces and for innovative entrepreneurship. It includes SAFE Conference and the SAFE Academy for Teenage Leaders.


The SAFE Academy fills the gap in the academic curriculum of most secondary schools in Nigeria by using unconventional approaches to equip learners with cognitive, leadership, life, and employability skills required to succeed in future workspaces, become innovative entrepreneurs and active citizens. We provide scholarships to teenagers whose social backgrounds hinder their access to educational and other critical opportunities such as this.


The SAFE (Securing Africa's Future through Education) Conference is described as the most prominent leadership, education and career conference for teenagers in Nigeria. Since its inception in 2014, the conference has hosted over 6000 + teenagers, educating them with proper orientation needed for prosperous livelihood and active citizenship. The conference inspires teenagers to begin to proffer solutions to challenges facing their community.

Other Programs

Through partnerships with organizations such as Appalachian State University, Impact Toolbox, the United States Embassy in Nigeria, we have also implement programs that empower emerging social sector leaders. Some of the programs include: 

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