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Need Analysis: Girls are still at a disadvantage in Africa. According to UNICEF, 60% of out-of-school children are female. The participation of females in STEM remains on average in Africa. Despite representing half of the world’s population, women and girls remain deeply underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Less than 30% of researchers employed in research and development globally are women, and women in tech constitute only 30% of professionals in sub-Saharan Africa. This statistics is detrimental to the female population.  The Girl Digital Literacy program is a new program of the SAFE project, and it aims to develop the technical and digital skills of one hundred girls from low-income households. 2021 SAFE academy will provide 100 girls with digital literacy, entrepreneurship and leadership training.

Details of Intervention: The SAFE Academy is a twelve-week intensive program design to equip girls between the ages of 13 and 19 with technical skills through project-based and experimental learning, mentorship, and internships. The academy will be implemented over four quarters, with each quarter having a total of twenty-five participants.  We focus on IT skills such as programming, graphic designs, UI/UX design and Microsoft Office Suite.

Beneficiaries: Preferred participants will possess good academic performance, not yet in a university and demonstrated an interest in leadership and entrepreneurship. Also, we will give preference to participants from low-income backgrounds, i.e., family income less than N60 000 ($130) per month.

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