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Sozo Networks is a social enterprise known for promoting the participation of young people in civic leadership and social entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Through unconventional education methods, we help young people develop competence for active community engagements and leadership. Our leadership development practice empowers youths through experiential training, volunteering opportunities, networks, hands-on experiences that helps them to become active citizens. Our alumni network is evolving into a strong ecosystem of young social change leaders, collectively and individually providing solutions to some of Nigeria’s most critical problems through civic leadership and entrepreneurship. 

What our team and volunters are saying

We are harnessing youth power for social and economic development.

To create a sustainable world where peace and justice thrive, all individuals must acquire values, relevant skill-set, and heightened awareness (UNESCO 2014). We harness youth power for socio-economic development by empowering them to become active civic leaders and innovative social entrepreneurs. 


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3, Adebajo Street, Kongi, Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.



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