Some Steps to Follow in Building Value-Based Relationships


Some steps to follow in building value based relationships:

  1. Understand that perception is reality. 

People often don’t have the luxury of time to understand your reality they tend to stick with perceptions. The way you look, the way you dress, what is on your social media page, how correct and accurate your message appears all have a part to play in this.

Let everything about you speak excellence and value from afar. Let them price you as expensive from afar so that when you get close and offer yourself as a resource, they don’t price you less.

  1. Always be ready to meet people

As a development enthusiast or practitioner, you must have a personal elevator pitch. – this is how you introduce yourself in an unforgettable way in 30 secs. It should project a clear area of focus, what you have done and what you need. 

  1. Try not to introduce yourself first.

Always get the second mover advantage by asking people to introduce themselves first. This way you get the advantage of projecting your area of interest that aligns most to theirs. And not make the mistake of sharing what is not relevant to the person.

  1. Divide everyone you meet every day into these 3 major categories that we will later discuss. Knowing the place of people in your life, gives you the advantage of being able to maximize your relationship with them.

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