Building Value-based Relationships




Building value-based relationships means building a relationship with someone not only because you like them, but also because they have something that you need and you also have something to offer them. 

To build a very strong value-based relationship, one must have the orientation of a giver i.e giving creative gifts and offering one’s self as a resource.

There are so many advantages in being a giver. For example;

1. With gift or act of kindness or service, you are investing in the person’s emotional bank account, creating a sense of loyalty and any support or favor you seek within the person’s capacity will only be seen as deserved. This is not bribery, it is advisable that you create a culture of sending gifts long before you’ll ever need to ask for anything.

2. Thoughtful gifts have been seen as one of the most effective strategy for networking.

3. Your gifts will always make ways for you. For example, if you have been looking at asking someone to mentor you or give you an internship opportunity, the easiest way to establish such relationship is by consistently offering yourself as a resource to them and giving them creative gifts long before you ever need to ask for any favours.

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