Our Mission

To see a world led by competent young leaders by nurturing a formidable league of youth who are actively transforming communities through innovative entrepreneurship and civic leadership. Some of our programs include

SAFE Academy
for Teenage Leaders

An intensive and transformative 3-month Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Digital Literacy training Program for Teenagers in Nigeria.

Youth in Development
Boot Camp

4-day boot camp providing youth with skills training and support network to start and effectively manage social ventures.

Impact Toolbox

A digital incubation platform providing training, collaboration opportunities, & seed funding to youth to transform their social change ideas into viable social ventures.

About the Sozo Networks

Sozo Networks is a non-profit organization known for promoting the participation of young people in civic leadership and social entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Through unconventional education methods, we help young people develop competence for active community engagements and leadership. Our leadership development practice develops young leaders and strengthens youth-led initiatives by providing experiential training, volunteering opportunities, networks, hands-on experiences, and idea incubation programs. Our alumni network has evolved into a strong ecosystem of young social change leaders, collectively and individually providing solutions to some of Nigeria’s most critical problems through civic leadership and entrepreneurship. 

We are harnessing youth power for social and economic development by empowering young people to become social entrepreneurs.

To create a sustainable world where peace and justice thrive, all individuals must acquire values, relevant skill-set, and heightened awareness (UNESCO 2014). Our theory of change is to harness youth power for socio-economic development by empowering them to make income and impact. We do this by educating to young leaders, empowering them to start and manage social enterprises and provide a network that continues to support their initiatives.

We focus on three Areas of youth development through

Our Programs

We bridge a significant loophole in the nation’s education system by offering mentorship and alternative educational opportunities that allow young people below the age of 20 to develop essential skills for active citizenship, leadership, and career in the 21st-century society and workspace. 

We raise young social change leaders through a 5 phase approach (DCDES) that helps them to discover their vision and needs, develop self, create solutions, engage with communities to test the solutions, and finally pass on impacts to others. 

We promote entrepreneurship by teaching on social entrepreneurship and design thinking. Our training programs supports youth entrepreneurs to develop their ideas, find product market fit, launch products and secure capital.

Our Numbers


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Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) has a long history, dating back to 2000 B.C. in China, where a periodic examination of state officials was conducted within the civil service (Fitzpatrick et al., 2004: 31).

Monitoring implies having up-to-date knowledge of the extent of project progress to ensure timely interventions as the needs arise. At the same time, evaluation is a mapping of improvement consistent with the original project intentions.

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